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Jul. 31st, 2005 @ 10:48 pm Poetry :: Vacation - Part One rev. 4
Another Emotion: creativecreative
Part One

The American Heritage Dictionary defines a vacation as:
"a period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation, especially one with pay granted to an employee".
Webster's however defines it as:
"a period in which activity or work is suspended; specifically: an interval between judicial terms".

Both definitions seem to work best, specificaly in relation to life being a vacation.
See God could be seen as the boss, and each of us as his/her employees,
for since the beginning of time, he/she realized we were not ready for the work of angel, or graveling, or even that of a grim reaper.
We were given the gift of a vacation, before our arduous judgement sessions, and final assignment as temporary employees in the service of the universe, God, existence,

See death is the temp job, and when we finally finish our time doing whatever work is needed in the background of the wonderful theme park of "Life", we get another vacation, a one way trip back to play in the place we helped keep functioning.

Yes, a vacation. See God didn't kick Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, and tell them to go pay rent,
he just opened the doors to show them what else was out there, and someone accidently locked the doors on their way out.

The key, it was lost,
and locksmiths, hadn't even been thought up yet,
so Adam and Eve kept wandering farther and farther away, until all the birds they had named had eaten up their breadcrumbs and they couldn't find there way back home.

Assuming the vacation was over, thinking they had done something wrong, Adam and Eve started their own civilization, set up rules, and started to make a new life for themselves, losing track of the real purpose of life itself --
To be fruitful and multiply. Now that to me is a vacation.

However, we think there is more, so we erect structures to our greatness, theme parks for our own entertainment, and work ourselves harder and harder, in order to get the newest toys, gadgets, automobiles, and even the ability to create our own paradises, our own edens, our own vacation spots away from turmoil,

Lost within the struggle to find ourselves, be healthy, create a family, find acceptance, have a place to call our own, and a job to pay for it, we stop embracing the beauty that surrounds us.

We ignore the subtle intricacies of how the sun, sets,
the sky burns, the day turns to night, and how pinholes are poked into the curtain pulled over our eyes,
only to reveal the light beyond, our future temporary jobs, sealed tight by tiny engineers, plastering the cracks in time for the sun to rise.

Never enjoying the way the wind moves across our skin, as though our loved ones passed, are able to tell us things will always be alright. Perhaps they are just telling us to relax, that we should open our eyes, and enjoy the gift we have been given.

Hinting to us that life really is a vacation, we all just don't have begun to understand how to fully enjoy it enough.
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