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Sep. 12th, 2005 @ 09:48 pm NOT X posted! yay! (well, not really anyway)

This affliction leaves me tormented.
a loathsome creature of anguish has exposed my hedonistic fantasy.
this sinister demon swooped upon my fallacy and destryed it with a
His sarcasm shreds my plastic world into insignificant pieces as i lie here...
woefully obsequious.
how can i be tolerant of such a supercillious beast...
only such hideous arrogance could destroy an entire world.
my only defense against such abuse is meaningless and ostentatious propaganda that denies my internal termoil...
i claim apathy to hide this numbing weakness.
my affected "Achilles Heel" sustains the devil... my devotion to histerics...
my irritating irrational addiction to exagerated emotion.
learn to ignore desolate despair and learn to stave him off.
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