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Jan. 29th, 2006 @ 04:57 pm Poetry >> Truth (for the New Year)
Another Emotion: creativecreative
small marine decapod crustaceans, lettuce, carrots, bean sprouts, sweet basil and vermicelli,
served with a house sauce, packed and wrapped tightly between soft rice wrappers.

rolls dipped in plum ectasy,
burning passion through my blood stream.

salad lightly tossed in soy and sesame based dressing,
quenching every last taste bud of my appetite.

dificient of heat,
struggling to slow down our tempo, making us rigid and inflexible,
yet we remain unbroken as we march on.

fine tuning our equipment to encompass the elaborate landscapes lying before our eyes,
luscious feasts imploring our appetites to relentlessly prey upon one another voraciously upon rest.

clasped together like tentacles,
smooth and fine to the touch, yet unwavering,
a tightly knit chain to keep us strong and healthy.

sliding back and forth,
cascading over a drawn-out temporal stasis of hydrogen and oxygen,
constantly searching, striving to score points, a goal.

flow from the stands,
as my hand massages the small of your back,
every inch of you electrifying my senses, causing my heart to race.

I strive to keep my heart under control these days,
for there are ways I would like to keep it racing around you,
as long as I don't end me up in the emergency room.

In the beginning,
I was energized by your presense,
your were the inspiration that kept the creative juices flowing.

I've had to take sabbaticals,
immerse myself in your essense, in order to find a new voice.

You've changed me,
made me want to be more than I thought I could be,
so I figured it was about time I praised thee.

you smile surrounds me, it protects me,
and makes me feel so damn lucky.

this isn't meant to be a sappy love poem,
but a piece of poetic flare,
a way to show I care and to show you that you still arouse the hairs all over my skin.

Your skin,
soft as newborn blossoms untouched by human hands,
our breaths, forcing goosebumps to the surface, as floral acrobats waft and glide,
slowing to a halt, on the curves and rolling arches of your upper body.

are my most famous dish,
long rice noodles stir-fried chicken, shrimp with egg, bean sprouts, Thai turnips, scallions,
all topped with ground peanuts.

If I was allergic to you,
I would still devour you,
enjoying after last bite,
as my taste buds achieve maximum escape velocity.

I would never leave,
I would stay stuck in your gravitational pull,
engulfed by your wonderful kisses,
enjoying all that makes you so,
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Dec. 20th, 2005 @ 02:03 am Revamp
Since Noone is posting anymore, I'm going to start inviting more people into this community to try and revamp it.

go go gadget Aurora.
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Pink w/ Purple Highlights, YAY!
Sep. 12th, 2005 @ 09:48 pm NOT X posted! yay! (well, not really anyway)
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Pink w/ Purple Highlights, YAY!
Sep. 12th, 2005 @ 09:43 pm Hope's Deception
Hope's DeceptionCollapse )

yeah. i tried.
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Pink w/ Purple Highlights, YAY!
Aug. 8th, 2005 @ 11:33 am Everything that has happened before will happen again.
Another Emotion: thoughtfulthoughtful
"Everything that has happened before will happen again."

Seems like a crazy statement usually spouted by prophets or religious fanatics. In reality, it is a clear representation of the things people believe to be visions of our future, our past, our destiny, for we are all selfish individuals who believe the universe revolves around us.

We are the suns, everyone else happens to be the helpless planets, countless celestial bodies caught in our gravity, and light so beautiful that someone or something wants to get close to it, but if they get too close, they burn, but if they find a way to keep their distance, they harness the necessary treasures we have to offer.

But I digress, I've strayed from my point that psychics, prophets, and religious fanatics have it right.
They have the foresight to be looking anywhere but here. They can't predict our future, only see remnants and glimpses of some other alternate future. For noone can know how everything in their lives, in everyone's lives, in this galaxy, in this universe, will all turn out.

See there are zillions of universes out there, revolving around their own suns.
We all just happen to be in touch with each of them in the randomest ways. Everytime we daydream, contemplate, run scenarious through our heads, or even write down stories or poems, we are just stealing moments from someone, somewhere else.

Every dream is real, Somewhere.
Every movie is still running, never having ended after the scene faded and the credits ran free.
Every book never truly has the ending we are told, it just happens to have been not as interesting as where the author decided to cut its thread.

But i'm losing you, letting myself free, and stealing another's me moment happening somewhere else in another universe right now. See he's saying the exact words that I am, and perhaps he stole them from me, but I stole them from him, and it is an endless looping of stealing separated by the way his Earth spins a bit faster, and ours a bit slower, not exactly in sync, but enough for us to get a sneak peek into each other's lives.

It may seem a bit confusing, and crazy, but really we aren't lazy. We are just explorers, taking every moment when we are not forced to produce, to expand our horizons and be celestial voyeurs into other people's lives.

Its insane to think that geniuses really aren't that special and brilliant, that they just happen to be more perceptive than most at shoplifting great ideas from other places and claiming them to be there own.

Night of the Living Dead? It happened, and still is happening.
Kerry is president, and the World Trade Center was never bombed.
Its crazy to think that we grab on to another place, another time, and use them to help us widdle our lives to match there's. I'm sure John Kerry ran for president, due to the multitude of visions in his head, where he saw it all happening, and figured it was manifest destiny, when really he was just borrowing the moment.

Porn movies, are disgusting to some, invigorating to others, but just come to be common place on a world where a pizza boy, really is waiting for his blowjob and a nice threesome with some young college girls.
But one night, he's gonna have a dream, where he is gonna believe he is at work, is going to deliver a pizza, and some young college co-ed is going to hand him $20 bill, and wish him a nice evening.
No sexual interludes, just cold hard, cash.

He'll wake from his nightmare and thank whatever God, Goddess, or pantheon of spirtual beings he believes in, that today his dream won't come true, he will go to work and get laid, and his world will keep spinning for some porn director to make into the next big blockbuster to appear in the back room of a local video store.

Right now.
I'm cleptomaniacing all of this from a conglomerate of DaveSmiley's on other worlds near and far, but all of you,
all of you that aren't thinking, that aren't analyzing,
that are just listening to the sound of my voice.

You are having original moments. Original moments, that some other version of you, or some random person you will never meet is writing down to be the next best novel to appear on sale online at Amazon.com. Cause things we find to be boring, could be fascinating to someone elsewhere, and things we find exciting, could just be common every tasks that need to get done.

In conclusion, Stewie Griffin is real, the Simpsons are flesh and blood, right now Superman is flying to save some dansel in distress, and all we have to do is just sit here, enjoy the normality (by our own standards), and remember that if superheroes exist, porn is real somewhere, and everything we do is being seen by someone somewhere else, then we should just keep enjoying what we are doing and make the moments as memorable as possible, for wisdom and brilliance are all in the eyes of the beholder, and our actions really can change the world. Even if it may not be our own that we may end up, changing.
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Jul. 31st, 2005 @ 10:48 pm Poetry :: Vacation - Part One rev. 4
Another Emotion: creativecreative
Part One

The American Heritage Dictionary defines a vacation as:
"a period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation, especially one with pay granted to an employee".
Webster's however defines it as:
"a period in which activity or work is suspended; specifically: an interval between judicial terms".

Both definitions seem to work best, specificaly in relation to life being a vacation.
See God could be seen as the boss, and each of us as his/her employees,
for since the beginning of time, he/she realized we were not ready for the work of angel, or graveling, or even that of a grim reaper.
We were given the gift of a vacation, before our arduous judgement sessions, and final assignment as temporary employees in the service of the universe, God, existence,

See death is the temp job, and when we finally finish our time doing whatever work is needed in the background of the wonderful theme park of "Life", we get another vacation, a one way trip back to play in the place we helped keep functioning.

Yes, a vacation. See God didn't kick Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, and tell them to go pay rent,
he just opened the doors to show them what else was out there, and someone accidently locked the doors on their way out.

The key, it was lost,
and locksmiths, hadn't even been thought up yet,
so Adam and Eve kept wandering farther and farther away, until all the birds they had named had eaten up their breadcrumbs and they couldn't find there way back home.

Assuming the vacation was over, thinking they had done something wrong, Adam and Eve started their own civilization, set up rules, and started to make a new life for themselves, losing track of the real purpose of life itself --
To be fruitful and multiply. Now that to me is a vacation.

However, we think there is more, so we erect structures to our greatness, theme parks for our own entertainment, and work ourselves harder and harder, in order to get the newest toys, gadgets, automobiles, and even the ability to create our own paradises, our own edens, our own vacation spots away from turmoil,

Lost within the struggle to find ourselves, be healthy, create a family, find acceptance, have a place to call our own, and a job to pay for it, we stop embracing the beauty that surrounds us.

We ignore the subtle intricacies of how the sun, sets,
the sky burns, the day turns to night, and how pinholes are poked into the curtain pulled over our eyes,
only to reveal the light beyond, our future temporary jobs, sealed tight by tiny engineers, plastering the cracks in time for the sun to rise.

Never enjoying the way the wind moves across our skin, as though our loved ones passed, are able to tell us things will always be alright. Perhaps they are just telling us to relax, that we should open our eyes, and enjoy the gift we have been given.

Hinting to us that life really is a vacation, we all just don't have begun to understand how to fully enjoy it enough.
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Jul. 31st, 2005 @ 04:43 pm I'd like to take a moment
Another Emotion: creativecreative
I'd like to take a moment to speak about someone near and dear to my heart,

That's right Me. And yes I have done it in the past, with some psychadelic hip-skip-hop-be-bop hallabaloo, but now im ready to just come straight out and tell you...

I'm Me, that is all i am gonna be, and if you don't like it, i'm no longer sorry, cause I have realized that I am not a bad person, and there's nothing wrong with,

i may not listen,
i may be impatient,
i may snore in my sleep,
i may even dissapear for hours on end to play video games on my computer, and wall myself up in a cold dark damp basement with a large screen tv, but you gotta deal with it, cause it is,

And perhaps I come off a bit crazy,
but you see thats,

Maybe this is rant of selfish proportions to explain to you, that sometimes, you have to stand up for what you believe in, and today that is,

Now I would like to take a moment and get sensitive on your punk asses, and show you that I am a nice, sweet, romantic, and utterly caring individual, who loves everyone, small puppies, and of course,

Ok it didn't last long, but I've realized that too many people try so damn hard to please everyone else, that they never truly please themselves, and that's a problem with people who are nice, cause you have to learn to find a balance, you have to learn to respect yourself, you have learn to just be like,
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Jun. 13th, 2005 @ 09:03 am Life
Another Emotion: creativecreative
I've heard you can't really be aware of beauty,
or even appreciate it appropriately, unless you have seen true darkness.

Nightmares are my darkness.
Breaching celestial planes of status quo, to visit worlds of twisted ideals, distorted only by our own personal quandries,

Dreams are my quandries,
Warped by the mind's natural requirement, to analyze the events of previous solar rotations, invisible magicians spinning swirling marble feats of grandeur, existing in simultaneous seconds revolving within yet another magician's palm, at speeds where a lifetime goes by with a giant, CRUNCH.

( Read more... )
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May. 26th, 2005 @ 10:50 pm Lacking Subject
quick question...

what do you do when the object of your deepest affections finds you to be absolutely terrifying?
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Apr. 25th, 2005 @ 03:55 pm Poetic >> Something a bit different...
Another Emotion: creativecreative
Read this at an open mic and was thinking of submitting it to a local anthology. thoughts?

p.s. some parts have changed but I wanted to show you it as it is to get some really great feedback.

MP3 of the Poem

the poemCollapse )
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