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Aug. 8th, 2005 @ 11:33 am Everything that has happened before will happen again.
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"Everything that has happened before will happen again."

Seems like a crazy statement usually spouted by prophets or religious fanatics. In reality, it is a clear representation of the things people believe to be visions of our future, our past, our destiny, for we are all selfish individuals who believe the universe revolves around us.

We are the suns, everyone else happens to be the helpless planets, countless celestial bodies caught in our gravity, and light so beautiful that someone or something wants to get close to it, but if they get too close, they burn, but if they find a way to keep their distance, they harness the necessary treasures we have to offer.

But I digress, I've strayed from my point that psychics, prophets, and religious fanatics have it right.
They have the foresight to be looking anywhere but here. They can't predict our future, only see remnants and glimpses of some other alternate future. For noone can know how everything in their lives, in everyone's lives, in this galaxy, in this universe, will all turn out.

See there are zillions of universes out there, revolving around their own suns.
We all just happen to be in touch with each of them in the randomest ways. Everytime we daydream, contemplate, run scenarious through our heads, or even write down stories or poems, we are just stealing moments from someone, somewhere else.

Every dream is real, Somewhere.
Every movie is still running, never having ended after the scene faded and the credits ran free.
Every book never truly has the ending we are told, it just happens to have been not as interesting as where the author decided to cut its thread.

But i'm losing you, letting myself free, and stealing another's me moment happening somewhere else in another universe right now. See he's saying the exact words that I am, and perhaps he stole them from me, but I stole them from him, and it is an endless looping of stealing separated by the way his Earth spins a bit faster, and ours a bit slower, not exactly in sync, but enough for us to get a sneak peek into each other's lives.

It may seem a bit confusing, and crazy, but really we aren't lazy. We are just explorers, taking every moment when we are not forced to produce, to expand our horizons and be celestial voyeurs into other people's lives.

Its insane to think that geniuses really aren't that special and brilliant, that they just happen to be more perceptive than most at shoplifting great ideas from other places and claiming them to be there own.

Night of the Living Dead? It happened, and still is happening.
Kerry is president, and the World Trade Center was never bombed.
Its crazy to think that we grab on to another place, another time, and use them to help us widdle our lives to match there's. I'm sure John Kerry ran for president, due to the multitude of visions in his head, where he saw it all happening, and figured it was manifest destiny, when really he was just borrowing the moment.

Porn movies, are disgusting to some, invigorating to others, but just come to be common place on a world where a pizza boy, really is waiting for his blowjob and a nice threesome with some young college girls.
But one night, he's gonna have a dream, where he is gonna believe he is at work, is going to deliver a pizza, and some young college co-ed is going to hand him $20 bill, and wish him a nice evening.
No sexual interludes, just cold hard, cash.

He'll wake from his nightmare and thank whatever God, Goddess, or pantheon of spirtual beings he believes in, that today his dream won't come true, he will go to work and get laid, and his world will keep spinning for some porn director to make into the next big blockbuster to appear in the back room of a local video store.

Right now.
I'm cleptomaniacing all of this from a conglomerate of DaveSmiley's on other worlds near and far, but all of you,
all of you that aren't thinking, that aren't analyzing,
that are just listening to the sound of my voice.

You are having original moments. Original moments, that some other version of you, or some random person you will never meet is writing down to be the next best novel to appear on sale online at Amazon.com. Cause things we find to be boring, could be fascinating to someone elsewhere, and things we find exciting, could just be common every tasks that need to get done.

In conclusion, Stewie Griffin is real, the Simpsons are flesh and blood, right now Superman is flying to save some dansel in distress, and all we have to do is just sit here, enjoy the normality (by our own standards), and remember that if superheroes exist, porn is real somewhere, and everything we do is being seen by someone somewhere else, then we should just keep enjoying what we are doing and make the moments as memorable as possible, for wisdom and brilliance are all in the eyes of the beholder, and our actions really can change the world. Even if it may not be our own that we may end up, changing.
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Date:August 8th, 2005 06:07 pm (UTC)
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I used to agree, but I've been thinking about it and I'm not so sure. If time and/or space is infinte, does everything have to happen? I presume that is what you were getting at. It is perfectly possible that there is a number which is an infinite and unrepeating decimal, an irrational number such as Pi, that does not contain every digit 0-9. Similarly, time could extend forever without every possibility occuring. Infinity does not necessitate every occurance. This universe could be the only one in an endless void, and once it ceases to exist it could be superseded by nothing, just emptiness for infinity.
If you are considering alternate dimensions, my graps of the science behind that is pretty weak, so you could probably challenge me on that.
Again, now that I think about it, could an irrational number exist that does not contain every digit? I think so, though perhaps someone with a deeper mathematical knowledge would like to contend that.
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Date:August 8th, 2005 07:20 pm (UTC)


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see im looking at alternate dimensions. seems more plausbile. and would explain why things happen the way they do.
Date:August 8th, 2005 07:22 pm (UTC)

Re: mmmm

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It's plausible, certainly. However, a lack of hard evidence makes me unwilling to simply believe. And, as I say, I don't know any of the science on the subject, so I'm a bit reluctant to just conjecture.