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Eternal Depths

It is here that the Depths of Eternity Begin

The Depths Of Eternity Begin Here
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This Community is for the poets that are part of the vast Live Journal community.

A Few Rules:

1) everything on here is property of the person that posts it. Don't plagerize, don't steal.

2) Constructive critism does NOT mean getting personal. Live Journal has ENOUGH drama as it is. Do NOT waste the space commenting on this community unless you have something worthwhile to say.

3)This community is an avid supporter of freedom of speech. If you are under 18 or are easily offended, this is NOT the community for you. I suggest you find another one.


I am Aurora Du'Coeur, the community founder. This community was originally created for me and some of my friends, but I really wanted to expand. Please come and share your work!

If you're looking for ideas of things to write about, here are some good starting points.
* stream of consciousness (whatever comes to your head first just write)
* song lyrics (if they're not yours, please give credit where credit is due)
* describe a single object around you as completely as you can
* use one of the basic human emotions as inspiration (love, hate, happy, angry, sad)
* use a poem or short story by another author you really liked and comment on it (remember to give credit)
* anything goes... poems, songs, short stories, even links if you have them.

It is here that the musings come to light.
It is here that the Depths of Eternity Begin.